Best Dehumidifier Reviews And Buying Guide 2018

Find out the best dehumidifier is not an easy task. That’s why we have gathered top 10 dehumidifier reviews with the buying guide.

Dehumidifiers are very important house appliance nowadays. A dehumidifier is a household accessory whose function is to lower the high humidity level around the house. Dehumidifying is mostly for health or comfort reasons or sometimes to get rid of the dumpy odor. I know Larger dehumidifiers are commonly used in the major commercial buildings e.g. index ice rinks to control the high humidity level.

These dehumidifiers operate by extracting water from the air that has been conditioned. The condensate, which is the air that has been collected, is often discarded. It is usually not used for drinking. Designs such Ionic Membrane Modifier do not dispose the excess water in liquid form but rather in vapor form.

The efficiency of the energy of these dehumidifiers has very wide variations. I shared all top rated dehumidifier reviews.

Buildings That Have Been Dehumidified Have Control over the Following Bugging Disadvantages;

  • Mildew and mold which cause mustiness on books, laundry, and even furnishings.
  • Small insects like; cockroaches, millipedes, dust mites, fleas, clothes moths, and woodlice whose existence is mainly caused by damp conditions.
  • Twisting and also sticking doors that and furniture.
  • Cold water pipes are experiencing condensation dripping.
  • Body sweat is building up excessively; this does not evaporate readily in the air that is saturated with moisture.

Dehumidifiers can also be used to lower relative humidity to more conducive levels for processing of products that are more sensitive to moisture. The process happens in climatic chambers of such industries. It is, therefore, important to use dehumidifiers for both home improvement and also in industries for better produce. The relative humidity in places of residence should approximately range from 30-50 %. These dehumidifiers help achieve this significantly.

Things To Consider When Buying a Dehumidifier

When you finalize the decision of going for a dehumidifier, it's always important to ask yourself the following simple questions

1. Do I surely need a dehumidifier in my home and if yes, Why?

Keeping your home environment at the right humid levels benefits each and everything made out of wood around your home. Including; floors made of hardwood, window frames, furniture, bookshelves and sometimes even the whole house since some homes are entirely made of wood.

Dehumidifying is important despite you even have no allergies. It is also advisable to keep in check humidity levels in bathrooms. This saves you a huge chunk of time since you will need to clean the mildew and mold from the stalls of showers and also grouts less often. The same can also apply to basements where moisture can cause huge mold problems that can prove costly to repair or even clean up. 

Poor indoor humidity affects both allergic and allergy-free people. Dehumidifying is an excellent way of reducing chemical and the more natural air pollutants such as; dust mites and mold. However dry the climate around you may seem, it is always necessary to dehumidify any home.

2. What amount of space do I require for humidification?

When you begin to narrow down on the correct dehumidifier, space is most likely the very first thing you need to consider.For smaller areas such as; small bathrooms, under the sink, or even in a closet, a mini-dehumidifier or a portable one is most ideal.For living spaces that are of medium size, Darby is possibly the best choice for their dehumidification. These Darby dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air and in a very efficient manner. They are energy efficient, last for a long time, and also affordable. Other dehumidifying options for medium size spaces include; Stadler form and Soleus dehumidifiers.For crawlspaces, basements, and even whole house dehumidification, you can use Aprilaire, which provides both portable units that can be used in crawlspaces, basements or whole house dehumidification and can be in regular size or large capacities. Also for crawlspaces and other dehumidification applications; Ebac, Santa Fe, and Dri-Eaz dehumidifiers are more suitable.During seasons that are humid but not necessarily hot enough for you to use your air conditioning; you should opt for a whole house dehumidifying unit.

3. What are the indoor levels of temperature and humidity?

The performance of most dehumidifiers is affected by indoor moisture and temperature levels. A dehumidifier that is to be placed in a space of low temperatures such as; a garage, crawlspace or even basement needs to continue efficiently working even at low temperatures. You will also need a dehumidifier that can handle large loads of moisture (high capacity) if it is to be placed in a space of high humidity levels.

How will I get rid of collected water?

You always consider how you will eliminate the water collected by the dehumidifiers. Regular dehumidifiers have buckets that must be emptied on a regular basis. They shut themselves off after the buckets get filled. You can opt to connect a drain hose to the bucket hence directing the water outdoors.

Are there any unique features required?

It is also important to ask yourself whether there is any need for special features such as ducting option. Several units allow for ducting so that it becomes possible to dehumidify many spaces concurrently.

Top 5 Dehumidifiers Reviews

Frigidaire FFAD7033R1 70-Pint Dehumidifier

dehumidifier reviews

It covers approximately 1400 square feet, and it operates silently at a very low temperature of down to 41F. It is very easy to both set up and uses. This dehumidifier is also long-lasting and very effective. The product can operate continuously when the unit is placed near a suitable drain. It also protects your home from mold and mildew which are as a result of excess moisture.

Its low-temperature operation also plays a significant role in energy conservation. It also has a 24 hour ON/OFF timer control lock hence it can be used at any time of day or night. This device also consists of electronic controls that are Ready-Select with a digital humidity readout. It also helps eliminate bacteria in the air that can make breathing a lot more difficult.

This dehumidifier also contains a washable filter that is removable. This filter helps reduce bacteria, lower the room odors and other airborne particles thus creating a more comfortable and also healthier environment.

The device’s water bucket is located conveniently at the front of the unit making it easy to access. The process of emptying the bucket is simplified by the presence of a curvy handle and a splash guard.

It is also easy to select the option of your choice by just the touch of a button. When your water tank is nearly full, the unit automatically shuts itself off. It is also incredibly easy to move this dehumidifier from one room to another due to its top and side handles and also the caster wheels.

The above description makes it one the best dehumidifier for the basement.

Essential features

  • Product dimensions of 11.6*15*24.4 inches.
  • It weighs around 47 pounds.
  • It has a relative humidity manual of about 35%-85%.
  • The electrical plug type is 5-15p.
  • It has a voltage rating of 115v 60Hz
  • Its power cord length is about 6’(6-1/2’)
  • It has a Watts rating of 745 watts.

Frigidaire FAD704DWD Energy-Star 70-pint Dehumidifier Reviews

This is one of the most popular dehumidifiers on the market today. It can deal with even the residential with the most severe humidity problems. It gets rid of the moisture from the air very fast as well as in an efficient manner.

It also performs these duties very silently. It’s among the quietest of all dehumidifiers. Due to this trait (quietness), this is an ideal dehumidifier for those who wish to dehumidify a place where you spend most of your time e.g. bedroom or living room. It also has a huge bucket for collecting condensate (one of the largest among the 70-pint dehumidifiers). This, therefore, means that you do not have to empty the unit bucket more often.

This dehumidifier is more reliable than most of the others meaning that is durable and does not break up after just a few months use. It is also among the best well-built dehumidifiers.

It is also the best cheap dehumidifiers and it is affordable for a large capacity 70-pint dehumidifier. This device also can deal with the toughest and most humid conditions in a living space of any size. It also has high energy efficiency as compared to most other dehumidifiers of its size. This frigidaire’s hygrometer has a limited precision since it can only read in 5 percent increments. This unit’s water tank and also its control unit is very well constructed. It also cannot be used with an extension cord. This device also shuts itself off automatically when the water bucket is full.

Essential features

  • It has dimensions of about 12.3*17.3*25.5 inches.
  • The item weight is 46 pounds.
  • The shipping weight is 49 pounds.
  • The unit is rated at around 49 pounds.
  • It also has a voltage rating of 115v 60Hz.
  • Its power cord length is about 6’ (6-1/2’).

Keystone Energy-Star 70 Pt. Dehumidifier Reviews, KSTAD70B

Keystone KSTAD70B Energy Star 70pt. Dehumidifier

This product is relatively cheap at around $ 192.98 saving you lots of money in the process. Up to a whopping 70 pints of moisture are eliminated from the air on a daily basis. There is also a full bucket alert which shuts off automatically when full. The water level indicator is transparent, and the water tank has a capacity of 1-3 gallons. It also a Continuous draining option giving you a full range of choices for draining the water. There is also a removable dust filter which is easy to clean and has an alert for client-filter.

This dehumidifier also consists of an LED display with a timer that works 24 hours, its settings are; standard, turbo mode, and auto defrost mode. This device is also incredibly simple to both set up and also operate. Its ability to auto restart also saves your settings in case of an outage in power. It also consists of four rolling casters that are durable. The casters enable smooth movement.

Essential features

  •  The product dimensions are about 11.2*15.5*23.2 inches
  • The item weighs about 40 pounds.
  • The shipping weight is about 44.8 pounds.
  • It has two fan speeds.
  • The bucket capacity is about 10.4 pints.
  • It has a voltage rating of around 115 volts.

Danby DDR70B3WP Dehumidifier Reviews, 70 Pints, White

It operates well at an area of up to 4,500 square feet. It helps reduce electricity consumption due to its energy star rating and also the R410a refrigerant. These units also assist the ozone layer. It also has an electronic digital panel that helps you control low and high fan speeds. Your coils will always be kept in an ice-free condition by the de-icing feature. This dehumidifier can operate at temperatures as low as 41F due to the low-temperature function. The attractive unit also has casters that make it very easy to move the dehumidifier from one room to another. This device also operates very quietly. These features make it ideal for living rooms, bedrooms and also basements.

This dehumidifier never shuts down; the fan is always blowing. Like most other dehumidifiers of its kind, it also has an auto restart feature. This device is hefty and. Therefore, it can be easily positioned at an office, living hall, or even bedroom. This product is reliable, durable, and has an incredibly robust build quality.

The Danby DDR70B3WP Dehumidifier would be an excellent choice for the heavy-duty customers that are out for a reliable product that is simple to use.

Essential features

  • Product dimension of 11.8*16.1*24.2 inches.
  • The item weighs approximately 42.8 pounds.
  • The shipping weight is around 47.4 pounds.
  • It has a humidifying tank capacity of about 33.1 liters
  • The body color is white.
  • It has a daily output capacity of 70 pints.

Friedrich D70BP70-Pint Dehumidifier Reviews; BUILT-IN DRAIN-PUMP- Never Empty Your Bucket Again

With this device, it is possible to maximize the dehumidifier runtime due to the continuous draining option. It also operates at extremely low-temperature levels of 41F. There is also an automatic defrost cycle which is very convenient. Casters are also included for easy mobility. These vigorous and powerful dehumidifiers are ideal for basement, equipment rooms and even storage areas due to their heavy reliability and convenience of operation. It also has a Top-Mount digital control which controls and displays room temperatures as well as humidity. It is also easy to store this unit in most closets whenever it’s not in use.

This dehumidifier also consists of a built-in drain pump that is capable of pumping condensate horizontally or vertically up to 15 feet combined distance.

The front panel is sleek, clean, and does not accumulate dust, pet hairs and other forms of household dirt and thus always maintaining a classy look. All models of this dehumidifier are accompanied by a 16-pint condensate bucket and a continuous drainage outlet.

Essential features

  • Product dimension of 12*15*23.2 inches.
  • The shipping weight is about 51.4 pounds.
  • It has a 6-foot length power cord.
  • It also has a standard 115-volt electrical power outlet.
  • It contains two-speed fans

Final Verdict

The above discussed are the top five best dehumidifiers available in the market. However, there are other best small dehumidifiers available such as; Newair AD-250, Frigidaire FAD301NWD, Danby DDR30A2GP Premiere and much more, we also give those Dehumidifier Reviews. These dehumidifiers have the ability to get rid of up to 30 pints of water a day. They also have similar dehumidifier reviews as to those discussed above only that they are cheaper and used in smaller homes.

As pointed on several occasions throughout this article, it is all but important to ensure that your home is well dehumidified to make sure that there as little moisture as possible in the ambient air. This creates a conducive environment, reduces the number of moisture-related infections, and also gets rid of those small insects that may contribute to our environment being dirty.